Welcome Aboard, Jodi!

Jodi has joined the team of Kil@wat’s morning crew as hostess.  Greeting guests with a smile for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch is her specialty.  I stopped by yesterday morning to welcome her to the team.  Hannah, our veteran hostess is working on showing her the ropes. 

 Jodi just graduated in December from UW-Milwaukee with a BA in Marketing.  She is excited to learn all of the Kil@wat regulars, and is the “getting here before 6am thing” going to be a problem?  No way, her last job opened its doors at 5:30am.  How’s that for a good morning?

 Come meet Jodi and the rest of the Kil@wat morning crew from 6:30am-10:30am for breakfast or 11:30am-2pm for lunch.  Weekend brunch hours are 7am-2pm.

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